One of the leading resources for independent filmmakers. My criteria for this list was that the Bloggers and YouTubers must be independent, actively making content, and have been doing so for at least a year. He makes, distributes and promotes his own movies within the industry, and is just super inspiring. Founder, Stacey Parks also has a ton of incredible filmmaking courses. A community of those with similar cinematic interests to get advice, or give advice to. He was also one of the earliest users of Blackmagic’s Cinema Cameras, (if you remember those). One of the leading resources for independent filmmakers. He carries out exceptionally detailed research into the film industry. A video production blog dedicated to educating about every aspect of video. Let’s jump in. I lied. They even have a podcast. He has recently released his self funded documentary debut feature film on YouTube. He updates his site regularly and has also launched a weekly podcast. And they’re pretty prolific with about 10-12 post per week. Probably one of the most read film magazines. Release date: August 4 (Cinemalaya Film Festival) Directed by: Zig Dulay Bagahe revolves around Mercy, an OFW who is raped and subsequently, suspected of abandoning her newborn child in the trash bin of an airplane toilet. Film Independent’s Top Ten Blogs of 2017. by Matt Warren. Los Angeles, California, United States About Blog Hurlbut … I'd recommend following their YouTube channel as well. Okay, so I know this is a YouTube channel, but the amazing Michael Tucker now how has a blog! Their YouTube channel is also great for hands-on lighting tutorials. IFH 382: Filmmaking Side Hustles to Survive the Pandemic By Alex Ferrari | Apr 3, 2020 Read More >> → IFH 381: How to Shoot in an Impossible Location with Peter Bishai By Alex … This site has to be one of the more ambitious blogs out there. Premium Beat is a great resource for multiple artists. Watch Here, Amber works as a 1st AD and in her spare time makes these interesting Vlogs on working in the film industry. This one keeps up with the latest product news and trends, but with a focus on post production. This is a great filmmaking blog because it’s designed with the storyteller in mind, while also strengthening craft. Promoting articles titled, “Is a Delayed Release a Sign That a Movie Will be Bad?” to “What Percentage of Actors will Perform Nude?” this blog is by far, one of the more interesting ones. These are some of the YouTubers I follow producing weekly videos on various filmmaking topics. They even have a podcast. But they’ll also keep you informed about the latest DSLRs, with a more tech focus, educating their audience on the best smartphones. Reviews on gear and softwares for filmmakers. From Big Fish to his Scriptnotes podcast, John August’s personal success may be a good enough reason for any aspiring screenwriter to get on board with this one. IndieWire is an online publication covering film, TV, and digital news, reviews, and interviews for passionate fans and industry insiders. Alyssa Maio is a screenwriter from New Jersey, now living in Los Angeles. Read Here, Noam is a long standing blogger, you can find hundreds of blog posts on the topic of Cinematography and general filmmaking. For our purposes, we think truly independent films … Indie Film Blogs 1. Read Here. The film premiered at the Telluride Film Festival, gaining traction and building anticipation before its theatrical release. It highlights the latest trends in film distribution, it also helps the early filmmaker trying to get distribution for the first time. Members of the site can post on the forums and exchange information on filmmaking as well as their own projects. With more of a focus on color grading, editing, and tech, Johnny Elwyn’s blog is one of the better post blogs out there. This is one of the most unique, well thought-out filmmaking blogs. Film school reviews, application tracking, and you can even connect with other students. This one is great for any stage filmmaker looking to learn more. The big one. An independent film, independent movie, indie film, or indie movie is a feature film or short film that is produced outside the major film studio system, in addition to being produced and distributed by independent entertainment companies. It covers critical camera releases and news, and even talks about how to get work as a cinematographer. Read Here, eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'amyclarkefilms_com-banner-1','ezslot_2',145,'0','0']));Sam’s blog is focused on Screenwriting. It brings together working professionals, film professors, students, and aspiring filmmakers. 77 Best Filmmaking Blogs for Indie Filmmakers and Video Creatives Check out StudioBinder's blog and free masterclasses. When you’re craving an interesting read and a break from the technical, their weirdly perfect taste on classic and contemporary films makes this blog a permanent bookmark. Free camera tutorials, gear reviews, and more. They’re currently going through a website change, but this blog is a great resource for anyone looking to get their hands dirty. So how can you break put from the pack and get your idea onto the small screen? With filmmaking articles of how-to-tricks, it’s an incredible resource for any level filmmaker. Darious is a very popular YouTuber who teaches all-round filmmaking advice whilst creating his own productions. This is an undoubtedly useful look into how the … You can even submit questions to a professional filmmaker. It’s a bunch of...filmmaking stuff. They’re pretty consistent with about two posts per week. Her videos are full of tips for beginner filmmakers from writing your screenplay, to directing actors and editing your film. There is a focus on film education for youth, and youth organizations, but any aspiring filmmaker who doesn’t know a ton, could benefit from a skim. We’re in a golden age of TV writing and development. It mainly focuses on content other than their own and is … If you’d like to pitch a piece for our blog, email info@independentcinemaoffice… The forum is an ideal place for independent filmmakers to seek knowledge from their peers.… From camera and product reviews, to time-lapse tutorials, anyone interested in video production will probably learn something new. Film Independent 5670 Wilshire Blvd. We’re here to help. An educational resource for all level filmmakers. Michael has consistently given us excellent content, breaking down and analyzing screenplays with such depth and precision your only option is to get better. Watch Here, Jay has just finished production on her debut feature film. From photography tips to camera reviews and tech tutorials, the blog hosts substantial information and is pretty impressive. It’s a solid video production blog for creators looking for technical tips. RED Digital Cinema Lineup Explained, How to Format a Script with Keyboard Shortcuts. Grateful for the translation, because this German based, rather young blog, puts out some incredible stuff. We love Indie Film Hustle for well, it’s hustle. Am I the only one excited about this? He doesn’t post as often as some of the other blogs. Keep in mind, it’s more of a space to connect - if you want well-crafted articles on filmmaking, look elsewhere. With consistent announcements regarding new contests, take their opportunities to get your stuff out there. This blog specializes in After Effects tutorials  and VFX inspiration. What is Shutter Speed and Its Role in the Exposure Triangle? Posting roughly 8 times per week, Filmmaker Magazine interviews the very best in the industry, and provides a ton of DIY hacks. ASHLAND, OREGON - The 19th annual Ashland Independent Film Festival released its schedule for an interactive virtual festival that will capture the intimacy and magic of the annual Southern Oregon event … Watch Here, eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'amyclarkefilms_com-leader-1','ezslot_3',163,'0','0']));Nadia is a fairly new YouTuber she recently graduated from Film School and is now working as a PA. Product knowledge and articles on the latest film technologies make this blog an invaluable resource. A great place to visit when you want the latest updates on your entertainment and media news. Your go-to blog for lighting equipment. She discusses the reality of working on set and what to expect. This online filmmaking magazine shows you how to shoot video with tablets and smartphones. He has recently retired from a long career as a spark. Best Spaghetti Western Movies of All-Time (Ranked), Arri Alexa Mini — The Camera of Choice for Hollywood DPs, Rules of Shot Composition in Film: A Definitive Guide, What is a DIT in Film — Definition, Job Description, and Salary. The blog provides productivity hacks to make you a better filmmaker. Fandor is a fan favorite, or maybe it’s just mine. It provides creative inspiration while also giving technical advice. A filmmaking resource that celebrates the art and craft of screenwriting. Lights Film School is another online learning space that has a blog titled, “Indie Filmmaking Blog.” Pretty straight forward. The film … Based in London, Bloom is an award winning filmmaker. Independent films … It’s as if a film studies syllabus was laid out for a semester, and these are the accompanying videos. This one sets itself apart because it takes a deep dive into topics that matter to the veteran filmmaker, while also being aware of the aspiring filmmaker. Filmmakers on a tight budget know perfectly well how difficult it is to stay on that budget. A filmmaking blog from Brooklyn-based filmmaker, Sujewa Ekanayake. Watch Here, Nate uploads weekly tutorials on camera gear reviews and budget filmmaking equipment. It is a well rounded blog that provides info regarding upcoming film festivals and must-see films. Film Independent, the taste-setting organization that hands out the Spirit awards, states that eligible films must be budgeted under $10 million and produced independent of the studios. Their site recently is experiencing some issues, but check back periodically for some great content. From learning more about anime infographics to lighting techniques. I am sure you know of a few larger sites out there but I aim to introduce you to new creators. This one stands out because of its comedic spin. His industry insight is invaluable and his video tutorials are helpful for any level filmmaker. Because they’re inherently risky, most independent films – regardless of whether they’re made inside or outside of Hollywood’s Studio … The go-to source for anyone interested in motion graphics. We’ve concluded that an “independent film” is defined by its spirit. The film making process has evolved quite a bit. indieATL Sessions is produced by Matt Rowles with the extraordinary efforts of the … Watch the latest full episodes and video extras for IFC shows: Sherman's Showcase, Brockmire, Documentary Now!, Portlandia, Stan Against Evil and more. Filmmaking blogs have made it easier than ever to access high-level film production knowledge (and cheaper too!). His YouTube channel focuses on Editing and storytelling techniques. Similar to Reddit, in that it’s an entirely free resource for everything filmmaking. For over forty years, this magazine has been a stable source of information for activists and filmmakers. While he only posts about once a month, it’s usually highly practical, giving hands on expertise in the VFX sector. Thank you, a welcome email will be sent out shortly, The best Indie film blogs and filmmaker YouTube channels, Filmzie - Online Streaming That Supports Indie Filmmakers | AD, Breaking Into The Film Business Graduates Guide, 45+ Best Books On Filmmaking For Every Discipline, A list of film production job sites (2020/2021), Making a No-Budget Feature Film After Graduation, Making a Micro-Budget Feature Film - In London. They provide reviews and community engagement. Echoing their inspiring YouTube Channel, Film Courage's blog is another avenue to access. This one could also fall under best post-production blogs as well. This might be my favorite. Blog. A visual medium requires visual methods. “Every Day There’s Less People Who Really Know How to Handle Film and Do Focus for Film”: DP Newton Thomas Sigel on Da 5 Bloods Spike Lee, Clarke Peters, Delroy Lindo, Jonathan Majors and Norm Lewis … Social Media & Digital Communications for Your Short →, What is a LUT? However, it will give … Some external thoughts on an indie title you're thinking of streaming? Which is why we also curated a list of the best filmmaking YouTube channel to help you out. But I do know it’s a great space to share and connect with other filmmakers. Let me know if there are any more film blogs or YouTube filmmakers I should check out. This is an undoubtedly useful look into how the business works Read Here, Michael writes about working below the line in Hollywood. Their years of experience in the industry makes for a reputable and reliable blog. Master the art of visual storytelling with our FREE video series on directing and filmmaking techniques. This is a film making Blog and Vlog round up! Shutterstock’s blog offers info on topics ranging from photography to animation, to even making corporate videos. He’s managed to gain over 11,000 facebook fans, and after visiting the site, it’s no surprise. They also offer free motion design assets. Career hacks for DSLR filmmakers. Okay, so maybe you're not a reader, or you just like a more hands-on approach. Noam Kroll’s blog reflects an experienced filmmaker living in Los Angeles. His weekly posts offer a priceless insight into the reality of working within a film crew. The forums serve to connect filmmakers, giving and receiving advice for those on a budget. Honestly, I probably would’ve put his YouTube channel on this list regardless.