Kizaru needs to land a lot of hits on akainu over time to take him down and he can do this since he's more faster and could dodge a lot of akainus attack but on the other hand. Thema: Re: Kizaru vs Akainu Sa 19 Okt - 11:24 Tweet . Akainu has a Devil Fruit where he can manipulate and turn into magma of extreme temperatures which can practically melt anything. You must be joking. Because he is fleet admiral? Jan 25, … If WB is "spanked" him so badly then why couldn't he do any real damage with a free shot from behind while Akainu was able to deal the killing blow while WB was standing over him and looking right at him? Summary. @dxc: So again you have no scans to back anything you say. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Whitebeard is someone who wrecked Akainu fairly quickly (while Whitebeard was old, sick and heavily injured). @dxc: 1st off why would Akainu have the marines to help him if he were a pirate? But in the manga Akainu is the Fleet Admiral while Kizaru is Admiral, one rank below him. Akainu is easily the most brutal of the original three Admirals, no doubt. Im curious because hype shouldn't win fights here unless they are hyped to be a Skyfather or Odin level character. If Whitebeard lost 1 on 1 (which he didn't), it doesnt matter. Kizaru vs akainu Anime and Manga - Other Titles This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards. Akainu vs Borsalino would end with extreme difficulty either way. What are you smoking? You like to make a lot of claims that you have no evidence to back up. This is a theory about the origins of Akainu and Kizaru. Kizaru needs to land a lot of hits on akainu over time to take him down and he can do this since he's more faster and could dodge a lot of akainus attack but on the other hand . Thread starter SixPathsMike101; Start date Oct 27, 2016; 1 People hate on Akainu a lot but if you read the manga you know he took WB and tanked his strongest hit like a champ (after already dealing the final blow to WB). Guten Tag, ich bin ebenfalls der Meinung Kizaru gewinnt. No he hasn't. You keep assuming all the Yonkou were even with WB even though that is never stated anywhere. he's heavily implied to be the strongest of the original 3 admirals. Win via incapacitation So yes, Akainu wins against Aokiji because of their elements but that doesn't really mean that he's stronger than him. What???? Feb 7, 2016 #1 I know this is already a well known vs battle, but since it hasn't been discussed on our site I supposed I would post it. I see Kizaru winning due to his speed in the first round we have seen akainu. Akainu & Kizaru Vs Kaido In Wano (admiral Vs Yonko) | One Piece. We dont even know if it was 1 year IRL or 1 year inside OP or if he would get the Navy as crew.Poor logic to say the least. Kizaru vs Marco, 3. @dxc: Dude you should just give up. Akainu only needs few hits on kizaru but would be too slow to land his hits and akainu's reaction time should be good enough to react to kizarus attacks especially with his future sight which was kinda hinted. Kaido v Akainu is going to be a slobber knocker but until I see more Akainu is going to win Kizaru beating Big Mom seems like a stretch to me but whatever Garp vs Shanks is too mysterious to me to give an opinion on it . Franchement ils n'ont rien à envier à kaido et peuvent chacun d'entre eux peuvent pousser individuellement ce dernier en extrème diff. Kizaru hat er mit seinem Schwert normal angegriffen. Both fight on even ground at an evacuated Marine headquarters. Kizaru is still top of the One Piece food chain in battle right now. Aokiji vs Jozu Wer sagt denn dass Marco stärker als Jozu ist? @rawsos: armament haki allows anybody who learns it to hit intangible logias. Skrskr. Close. Putting words in peoples mouth now? Prime Garp, Prime Sengoku, Akainu, Kizaru VS Shanks, Teach, Kaido, Big Mum My logic is correct. Go Akainu until I see something that tells me otherwise. For One Piece: Pirate Warriors on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Kizaru vs Akainu Who Wins? Not a normal fight : please take in care the facts of their morals...n Kizaru VS Akainu VS Ao Kiji - One Piece - Grand Line Bout Forums I'm not the one going with the retarded "Akainu is WSM because Oda said he will get OP in a year". 1 year in OP is a long time.Part 1 OP was like 4-8 months.Of course he could find OP with the Marines as crew in a year.SH will most likely find it inside a year as well due to plot. report. @dxc: Incapacitated?? Even if he did assemble the marines, the Yonkou have just as big and strong of fleets and still can't find the OP so there you are wrong yet again. Only one man has ever been strong enough to get his crew to Raftel and none of the Yonkou have been able to do it in at least 10 years of trying. aokji and the straw hats vs kizaru and the marines. Cursed Prince Active member. Kisame's water would have proven a threat if Kizaru can't blitz, Akainu can't vaporize, and Aokiji can't freeze. If he assembled a crew it would be Marines.Anything else is speculation.Your own logic at placing Akainu at the top directly leads to it.Yes and? du 08-06-2018 14:53:59 sur les forums de Aokiji vs Jozu : Schnellantwort auf: Kizaru vs Akainu : Seite 1 von 2: Gehe zu Seite: 1, 2 : Befugnisse in diesem Forum: Sie können in diesem Forum nicht antworten: BB-Code ist An Smileys sind An [IMG] Code ist … Only thing Kizaru has on him is speed. You are just a yonkou speculation wanker who has probably never actually read a single chapter and probably hasn't seen the show either. Debates ' started by Guardian Zero , Nov 11, 2018 . Akainu got that hype because he is end game villain.Are you implying he is noticably stronger than the other admirals?Or Younko?Akainu is not even Top 5 most likely. But you probably know more than the author... Really dont know how you translated "Akainu would find OP in one year" to "Akainu is the strongest currently in Manga" Rofl.We dont even know if it was 1 year IRL or 1 year inside OP or if he would get the Navy as crew.Poor logic to say the least. avete detto che tra Aokiji e Akainu vince quest'ultimo.. ma tra Kizaru e Akainu? Its still debateable if Kizaru can actually use haki lasers among a lot of people. I recall people putting haki in arrows, so maybe Kizaru can put it in his lasers and hit Akainu in the sky. Also you said Mihawk??? I bumped this because those arguing for Akainu haven't stated how he can win. You DD vs Fuji argument is dumb since he is the newest admiral and he had no fear of DD either. He is. Also everybody alive had the two years of the timeskip and still couldn't find it. How many times can you be wrong in one thread? Sengoku wouldn’t be able to hold Garp down. "Akainu being aboe to do it one year that means that he is the strongest we know of" LMAO. Looking at battles both fight Admirals, Aoikiji vs Akainu, and Kizaru vs Zypher. This whole time you have been implying that Akainu is far above other admirals even though Kuzan pushed him to extreme diff. Erst nachdem Whitebeard im Hauptquartier erschienen war, zeigte er sich leicht beunruhigt. save. Senghoks Information, dass Ace der Sohn von Gol D. Roger ist, ließ Kizaru völlig kalt. He could move a long distance and spam his Haki inbued lasers at Akainu all day and keep moving before he gets close. Akainu-The toughest but the slowest-Motto: For the Government Aokiji-The most versatile but least durable-Motto: For the People Kizaru-Fastest but most exploitable-Motto: For Me(monkeys are known to do tricks and favors in exchange for food. He was already about to lose it, when Ace died, if Akainu killed Luffy there is nobody on this battlefield who is gonna stop Garp from fisting him. 5:Mihawk/Akainu/Other admirals/Maybe Dragon. 1. Coughing blood and lying down=/=Being perfectly fine in a battlezone.Say what you will,Sakazuki got beat by a blood coughing already stabbed Edward. Joined Apr 21, 2012 Messages 16,408 Kin 53 Kumi 30 Trait Points 0⚔️ Oct 16, 2016 #7 Riker said: Kizaru high diffs Doflamingo. Yes against a nerfed WB that didnt even go all out on him with his quakes due to his family being there.LOL The coward attacks people whie they are coughing Blood.WB just let him fall down the split.If he had continued, Akainu wouldn't be alive. What would have happened if Akainu had killed both Luffy and Ace? Akainu on the otherhand will be constantly peppered with light speed blasts that have concussive force, as shown in the manga. Akainu won against aokiji after days of battling evenly and you have to notice that Akainu's logia counters Aokiji's logia. kizaru has a speed advantage but i feel like akainu has a very clear strength/power advantage. after saving robin, luffy declares war against the marines and akainu for ace and robin. And no, Shiki went up vs Garp and Sengoku for a while. I’m sure Akainu would be dead as well. Akainu vs Whitebeard, 2. 1 Summary 2 Powers and Stats 3 Gallery 4 Others Real name Borsalino, Kizaru is the only pre-timeskip Admiral to have retained his position after the timeskip, after Akainu was promoted and Aokiji left. Nothing Kizaru did hurt WB and Akainu put a hole in him and took off half his face. I'm pretty sure it hasn't been done before, (although there was a team battle) the battle is set on an marine ford. And the fact that Kizaru can stay in mid air and go even higher, not to mention he's a good marksmen also. Your calling my logic bad? On sait que akainu à gagné aokiji mais à votre avis, akainu vs kizaru, qui pourrait gagner ? From opening 17 the action was slowed down a bit and the song speed a lot. [VS] Admiral Kizaru (borsalino) Vs. Admiral Akainu. This is one of the dumbest arguments I've ever seen. Bei Akainu ist er ausgerastet und kann ihn mit dieser Bebenblase an seiner Hand angegriffen. Weil er sich mit Lichtgeschwindigkeit bewegt & Haki benutzt, was aber auch Akainu's stärke ist, das er Real battle in manga: Akainu. Real name Borsalino, Kizaru is the only pre-timeskip Admiral to have retained his position after the timeskip, after Akainu was promoted and Aokiji left. Fact: Shanks has been searching for the OP for years and not found it. For those reasons I think Kizaru would request to pursue Weevil himself because he acknowledges how powerful Weevil is and could be curious about Weevil’s connection with Whitebeard. No one denies that Akainu has monstrous endurance and damage soak.What is your point? *theory … Considering how stacked they are, let's say aokiji and kizaru take care of kaido, akainu beats big mom in a difficult fight. 1 year IRL would be about a day in OP and 1 year inside OP would still be infinitely faster than any of the Yonkou since none of them have been able to make it. Akainu is the guy afraid of Whitebeard here and had to enlist Squardo to stab Whitebeard to weaken him. share. Get out of here with that nonsense. Does his presence alone nullify Kizaru's powers? - Topic [ONE PIECE] Akainu vs Kizaru ? Gaara's sand can block large scale explosions. You have one of the dumbest arguments ever lmao.You can blabb all you want.There is nothing supporting Akainu as WSM. I personally think Borsalino could do this. Kizaru vs akainu Anime and Manga - Other Titles This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards. Nobody said he was above WB or Roger you just inferred that. Sakazuki é um homem alto, de pele clara, excepcionalmente muscular tão alto quanto seus companheiros de almirantes, com uma praça em forma de rosto, características faciais muito pronunciados e cabelo preto e curto. Garp vs Akainu – Who would have won? His fastest kick has been countered and reacted to by Rayleigh and WB and they are not light speed. During the destruction of Ohara, he destroyed an evacuee ship on the chance that one of their targets was aboard, saying that if one is to do a … 82% Upvoted. But I don't think by a shred shred he would win a majority. People saying he stomps without any evidence...heh. Ao contrário de muitos do alto escalão da Marinha, ele não usa uma gravata, em vez deixando s… Fact: The other admirals had just as much a chance to dent WB and couldn't. Realistically Kizaru should be able to take it with very high - extreme difficulty though. A fight between these two would mostly go down to luck. Also Akainu is the strongest marine and Kizaru wasn't even in the running to be fleet admiral so Akainu would win. Gaara can seal Aokiji without issue, since his ice wouldn't disrupt the seal the way Akainu's lava could. Kizaru, noch immer auf der Suche, fragte schließlich einige Piraten, ... Aokiji und Akainu, auf Stühlen direkt vor dem Schafott des Piraten. The only reason I think Kizaru isn't fleet admiral is because he is too laid back and has minimum leadership skills, besides do you think someone like him would really be leader of an army REALLY?!!??!. Akainu and Kizaru (One Piece) vs Natsu Dragneel, Erza Scarlet and Gray Fullbuster (Fairy Tail) Discussion in ' Vs. Joker Vizekapitän . Qui gagne selon vous ? Fact: BB with his entire crew after already getting the WB's powers ran from Akainu. Chibaku Tensei can be dealt with just by killing the source. WB gave Akainu a spanking?? I know Kizaru had no interest in becoming fleet admiral, but who do you think would have won if he had gone for the title against Akainu? He was fine after that and kept right on fighting. Kizaru really should win given his power but Akainu was written and implied to be the best of the Admirals so I'll go with him. I’m sure Akainu would be dead as well. WB started the war and wanted the fight and Akainu only attacked from the front. You are just so wrong on most of the things you say. One thing that should indicate to everyone that Kizaru wins is that he was more comfortable tangling with Whitebeard. ". Archived. the kaido vs aokiji kizaru fight finishes much faster though, so they will go where they are needed. Also, some people on this thread were actually arguing Akainu killed Whitebeard 1 on 1? Nobody even knows what 2 of the 4 Yonkou even look like and your trying to say "undisputed"? would have been cool. Kizaru kicks him at the speed of light wit haki sending Akainu into the ocean. sengoku, mihawk, garp and the rest of the warlords beat the crap out of the kaido bm … However, since they clashed afterwards and Whitebeard was still standing at the end of the fight while a beaten Akainu helplessly slid down into a hole while crying...well, pretty sure the author meant to show Whitebeard is still stronger than him. That's nothing to scoff at considering both Yonko should be considerably more durable than MF Whitebeard, and at least as strong if not just below him in strength. K. Klarionan Well-Known Member. Kizaru vs Akainu Thread starter Ghost Kaiju; Start date Feb 7, 2016; Ghost Kaiju Resident Sleeper. Akainu is kind of a mid-upper tier gatekeeper Admiral. Raged but never seen a bloodlusted Kizaru if he can decimate and wreak top tier pirates when he is laid back i can only imagine Kizaru when he is dead set on killing you, @dxc: Akainu vs Aokiji was plain PIS, by feats Akainu is way above both Kizaru and Aokiji.Also there are many people who can arguably beat a Yonko. It is a mythical zoan type devil fruit and according to Kizaru, it is far rarer than any logia type. Kommandant Jonathan ist ein guter Freund von ihm. Akainu would find OP with a crew that no one can contend with or he would find it with plot being in Luffy's place and getting powerups.Luffy will find OP within one year most likely as well due to plot and reach Roger level. The same guy whose strongest attack was blocked WB's Captain?? Wonder if Oda will surprise us all and make Kizaru the final marine villain. K. Klarionan Well-Known Member. Obviously.Teach hadn't gotten used to the Gura fruit and his crew would get murdered by Akainu.Teach had plans to conquer the world.Why risk dying against a top tier for no reason?Teach wasn't even a Younko then either. By your reasoning Shanks should have just cut his head off with one swing since a nerfed Yonkou put him down "with just 2 hits". If you think he's a coward then you clearly know nothing about OP at all. Kizaru vs Zoro Decision stage {Aokiji vs Kizaru} Both sides if we look we can see that both are similar to each other, they have strong Logia fruits, Features the same thing, positions also the same so it’s hard to decide. Marco's devil fruit is the Tori Tori no Model, Model: Phoenix. Das hätte ein Ruffyy sicher nicht überlebt. Marine Fleet Admiral Akainu VS Marine Admiral Kizaru Battleground: Banaro Island Show me one scan of a yonkou doing anything impressive that didn't ultimately result in Akainu killing them. Also ich will hier keinen Wiedersprechen, da halt nicht sicher wie stark diese beiden sind. 0.00001% Is a bit of an exaggeration but I agree with you, Kizaru also destroyed a mangrove tree with one foot and no effort like usual that's pretty impressive. Dude, Kizaru had feats parallel to Akainu, who by all accounts could have killed Whitebeard himself at Marineford. A fight between these two will be down to luck mostly but Akainu edges a majority.5.001/10. Akainu has Oda's heavily implied opinion that he's the strongest Admiral, however Kizaru should logically win this. If Aokiji was being held off by Jozu for more than a chapter and Aokiji isn't that … That didnt happen to weaker characters like Crocodile when they attacked Akainu. That seems to be a trend in Akainu threads. No one has the fire power to contend with marines nor is there any proof that they are actively out there for OP.No its not dumb.Doesnt matter if he is new, he showed his power by matching Sabo casually.Who said Admirals are scared of DD? Akainu Aokiji Y Kizaru Vs La Valkiria War Games Forum. Yes.The same captain that a-certain-someone-who-Akainu-needed-extreme-diff-to-defeat only beat through a distraction.You should get out of here with your Akainu wank. Sooner or later Kizaru is going to get him into the ocean for a decisive finish. 3 1 Draco Bolton … Akainu is like 0.00001% stronger than Kizaru.Kizaru already put two holes on the very same WB while casually just trolling around.And also held down his bisento with one foot. Yeah, as well as 3 admirals+16 VA's+Countless of soldiers as crew.His crew would rape any other.It is frankly embarrasing that it would take them 1 year with 4 Top tiers and dozen of High tiers to find OP. Why is Akainu above Kizaru in ranking? 10 Can Beat: Akainu 1 2 B. Bash24 Well-Known Member. What you mean burrying him for a few seconds and making a little blood come from his mouth?? But since the sniper approach isn't he thing if he doesn't stay distanced, I guess Sakazuki will edge him out. Ab Band 56 heißen er und die anderen beiden Admiräle auch im deutschen Manga Akainu, Aokiji und Kizaru. - Akainu a la plus puissante force d'attaque du manga (dit par l'auteur), - Kizaru est l'homme le plus rapide du manga. @hulkv99: And the fact that Akainu is stronger. I'm pretty sure it hasn't been done before, (although there was a team battle) the battle is set on an marine ford. I was just wondering on this one. Ich will hier nur ein paar Fakten abgeben und meine Einschätzung des Kampfes abgeben. He has somewhat of an absentminded and out-there personality, committing such acts as mistaking his snail wiretap for his phone, and politely asking the pirates who just shot at him if they could help him find his acquaintance. Fact: In the manga WB's strongest punch that split an island only buried him in the earth for barely 1.5 chapters (like 30 seconds real time) and he only had slight bleeding from his mouth that lasted for 1 panel. But here is a scan of WB taking a cowardly cheap shot hit from behind and then Akainu responding by killing him. Akainu vs Whitebeard, 2. If he uses those kind of tactics here, Akainu can't touch him. I guess he is stronger than Roger, who needed 3 years to find it then, amirite? Akainu and Kizaru can at least stall Shanks and Teach before help arrives. He takes this. In fact since you keep bringing up the Akainu/Kizaru show me one scan of it since you seem to have some inside knowledge of it the rest of us don't. Sengoku wouldn’t be able to hold Garp down. You are discrediting yourself with your own argument. Bild Anzeigen / Verbergen; Akainu … Magma > Ice, it's not water, it's ice. Kizaru vs Weevil. Glad we could agree on something. The way the manga is written/portrays Akainu as the end boss, he should win with extreme difficulty. Because your hype is unfounded.Akainu needed Extreme diff to beat a fellow admiral.He is not the strongest in the verse nor is he even noticably stronger than his former colleagues.And yes,Younko are undisputed Top 4 until shown otherwise.A nerfed Younko incapacitated Akainu(a top tier) with just 2 hits. Posted by 6 years ago. Akainu vs Aokiji Kizaru: Kizaru the fastest character in One Piece why not and he has light fruit that gives him the ability to move fast as light speed, and we all know that light is the fastest thing in the world.. Also, his kicks as light speed as we remember his words with Basil Hawkins when he said “have you ever took a kick fast as light?” He got beat by an already-stabbed WB and also attacked him in a vulnerable position. Jan 24, 2021 #12 Garp > Shanks Sengoku = Teach Akainu >= Kaido Kizaru > Big Mom Admirals win with very high diff. I wonder if Kizaru is a genius hiding his true power lol but that would be unexpected, Serious kizaru maybe wins, but i wouldn't be suprised if the result was the opposite. There is no Akainu wank here just facts and what the author of the series has said. Akainu & Kaidou stalemate, Kizaru extreme-diffs Meme and then helps Akainu if the match-ups are the other way around, than Akainu high-diffs Meme, while Kizaru occupies Kaidou (his ranged game is excellent compared to regular Kaidou and dragon Kaido is just a huge target), then they 2vs1 him I don't know how Akainu can beat him but eh, the manga implies he is stronger. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Some think he can't control his movements at that speed and is significantly slower when he is in control. Who would be the LAST survivor in a fight between Kizaru , Ao Kiji and Akainu ? I never said Younko are = WB. More importantly he'll just expend energy launching useless attacks that miss Kizaru, especially if bloodlusted. :) He is only that fast technically. Akainu has more raw power, but he can't even touch Kizaru due to his speed, and with Kizaru there is some small chance that he manages to push akainu into the water before he can shift form. Kizaru has fought against some of the mightiest characters in the series and there are only a few who surpass his level of strength. Let's say Akainu does land something, well, magma doesn't hurt light anyway. Kizaru has much better DF, but Akainu trumps him in everything else. So Akainu putting a hole in him, taking off half his face, and taking no visible damage is getting spanked?? Almost that entire confrontation between Akainu and the whitebeard commanders was off panel, the only on panel confrontations between the whitebeard commanders and the admirals were Aokiji vs. Jozu and Kizaru vs. Marco who both were successfully matching up on par with the admirals prior to cheap shots. Man kann das nicht so sehen^^ an sich hat Jozu nur Whitebeard den Weg frei gemacht der von Kuzan geblockt wurde^^. @dxc: Finding the OP is very much about strength lol what are you even saying? Your argument and your logic are just garbage. He casually offered to destroy the Big Mom/Kaido alliance. Ele geralmente veste um boné da Marinha padrão e ostenta um carmesim, terno trespassado, decorado com o que parece ser uma rosa na lapela esquerda. Kizaru vs Marco, 3. Serious Kizaru ends it faster while laid back Kizaru takes longer. Akainu scales above Kizaru and should have stronger haki. He was already about to lose it, when Ace died, if Akainu killed Luffy there is nobody on this battlefield who is gonna stop Garp from fisting him. I never saw him written as the end all boss of One Piece. hide. 9 months ago. Akainu vs Kizaru So I've been wondering.. if Admiral Akainu and Admiral Kizaru decided to fight, who would be the winner. I wonder if ace lived, and developed his mastery on the fruit to a point were he could achieve blue or even white fire? Here are 5 One Piece characters that can defeat him, and 5 who stand no chance against him. We're not sure about the others but they probably have to (exception WB). I think Akainu is powerful but he isn't on that level. Akainu nu este Kizaru, nu-i place să facă din jur și să urască pirații și pe toți cei care contestă guvernul mondial. Akainu ist nachdem Timeskip Großadmiral geworden und ist meines erachtens etwas zäher und stärker,als Kuzan und Kizaru. 54 comments. Legendary. Dacă ar întâlni aceleași persoane pe care le-a făcut Kizaru, Basil Hawkings va fi moartea, mă îndoiesc că ar putea supraviețui fiind ars de un pumn de magmă uriașă. Kizaru's lasers are debatable. Also the fact that Oda has stated that if Akainu was a pirate that he would have found the One Piece in one year he is so strong... but what does the author know, Problem is WB is nowhere near as quick as Kizaru. I never saw him written as the end all boss of One Piece. Er wurde in diesem Zusammenhang in der deutschen Umsetzung als General Red Dog bezeichnet ; In der FPS zu Band 65 zeichnete Oda die ehemals ranghöchsten Soldaten der Marine als Kinder, so auch Sakazuki. Akainu being able to do it in one year that means he is the strongest we know of. Akainu vs. Kizaru. I consider Akainu as the weakest of the admirals (talking of aokiji kizaru akainu). current characters of course. You mean punched a hole in a blood coughing already-stabbed WB lol.He gets points for that Claw attack though. Not even gonna bother replying to you, sorry. Except for Kizaru putting 2 holes in WB while dicking around.And also replicating akainu's feat of holding down WB's bisento with one leg.There is nothing Akainu has done that the other two cant cant. 1 Summary 2 Powers and Stats 3 Gallery 4 Others Real name Sakazuki, Akainu is a Fleet Admiral, the head of the Marine force of World Government. Scans?This discussion is all hype and you want scans lol.And no,Younko dont have 4 top tiers in their crew. You are the admiral wanker who believes Akainu is WSM even though he needed extreme diff vs Aokiji who himself couldn't get Jozu out of his way without a distraction. Das kan man nicht vergleichen. Thema: Re: Kizaru vs Akainu Do 10 Apr - 15:05 Tweet . Younko> Admirals.Nerfed WB handed Akainu a spanking.DD isnt scared of admirals and planned to kill Fuji.Kaido makes his face blue nuff said. From all the hype and power implications: Kizaru. Ch554 pg2, he fought Marco in the air. Akainu is apparently the most hard-line of the Marines, following the doctrine of Absolute Justice. 1 1 Dunno Well-Known Member. and Kizaru casually held WB down and laser'ed him.

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