My father believed it was the lost kingdom of Atlantis. During this time Aquaman's wife Mera returns, once again sane, from the otherworldly dimension where she had been trapped and Aquaman narrowly averts a coup d'état orchestrated by his son Koryak and his advisor Vulko. Over time, this civilization had collapsed until only Gamemnae herself, now immensely powerful, inhabited the ruins. Available On 1/26 Pre-Order When Jackson Hyde accepted the mantle of Aquaman, he didn’t expect to also have to mentor Andy Curry, Arthur and Mera’s teen daughter. PRINTED IN USA - All designs are printed in our high-tech printing facility right here in Detroit, MI. Aquaman is back to challenge his status as a second-tier superhero. Black Manta (David Hyde) is a fictional supervillain appearing in comic books published by DC Comics.Created by Bob Haney and Nick Cardy, the character debuted in Aquaman #35 in September 1967 as a ruthless and murderous underwater-based mercenary, and he has since endured as the archenemy of the superhero Aquaman. [88] Aquaman had also been bestowed an ability he never showcased before, given to him by an old Sea Monarch, granting him the ability of unaided flight using his own power. Believing that the human race as it currently existed would destroy Earth, he had sunk the city while also using the DNA sample he took from Aquaman to convert most of the residents into water-breathers. The current price per issue is $3.99. David, Peter (w), St. Pierre, Joe (p), Ramos, Rodney; Shum, Howard M. (i). This storyline established Arthur as a Warrior King and a major political power, ruling largely undisputed over all the Atlantean cities. Currently living in Sub-Diego and helping to rebuild. With this power, Aquaman is able to sever Gamemnae's connection to the city by sinking it under the sea again. Aquaman, the King of the Seven Seas, is also known by his human name of Arthur Curry.This secret identity for the character has been part of his history since the Silver Age and remained even after the Post-Crisis DC reboot changed his origin. Initially a backup feature in DC's anthology titles, Aquaman later starred in several volumes of a solo comic book series. His abilities include super-strength, durability, super-speed, staying underwater indefinitely, and telepathy, which he uses to communicate with sea-life. The Aquaman Family also includes his wife Mera and his side-kicks Aqualad and Aquagirl, along with a number of others, fighting together against villains. In the 1990s' Modern Age, writers i… Though he remained the son of Atlantean queen Atlanna, many other elements of his character were dramatically changed. David, Peter (w), Egeland, Martin (p), Shum, Howard M. (i). In the Spring of 1942, he briefly joined the All-Star Squadronbut preferred to work alone. While he fights Gamemnae, the League members return the modern Atlanteans to the present, where they begin rebuilding the city, which is once again at the bottom of the sea. The 2015 Convergence storyline gave Aquaman a new look at issue #41. After a three-year hiatus, Aquaman returned as a backup feature in Adventure Comics for issues #435–437 before becoming the main feature in issues #441–452. [6] Modern comic book depictions have attempted to reconcile these various aspects of his public perception, with many versions often casting Aquaman as serious and brooding, saddled with an ill reputation, and struggling to find a true role and purpose beyond his public side as a deposed king and a fallen hero. Spoilers for Aquaman #65 ahead! Starting in the late 1950s new elements to Aquaman's backstory were introduced, with various new supporting characters added and several adjustments made to the character, his origins, his power and persona. [68], With the help of one of Namma's cast-off creatures—needed to regain her full power as well as aid from the forgotten gods—who is reawakened by Arthur/Andy's clarion call through the Life Force power, Aquaman is able to best the vengeful divine progenitor and scatter her essence across the cosmos, ending her threat for a time. Self-assured dive shop owner Arthur "A.C." Curry begins to grasp his amazing destiny as he perfects his abilities with a time-hardened lighthouse keeper. Sometime later Ralph Dibny, seemingly accompanied by Doctor Fate's helmet, meets a bearded, long-haired and amnesic Orin in the ruins of Atlantis. In 1989, the character starred in the Legend of Aquaman Special one-shot issue, followed by the five-issue miniseries Aquaman (vol. He also appeared in the live-action television series Smallville being portrayed by Alan Ritchson. Following the company-wide rebranding in DC Rebirth with one focus point to bring back legacy and relationships, Arthur finally proposes to Mera in DC Universe: Rebirth #1. Aquaman 21 is an upcoming 2022 superhero film based on the DC Comics superhero of the same name. Aquaman has made non-speaking appearances in the animated series Teen Titans Go!. She also states that, despite Mera's original mission being a solo one, the Siren is now backed by an entire Death Squad of elite Xebel soldiers acting at the orders of the acting princess and also later reveals that the Siren is her younger sister. DC Comics (founded originally in 1934 as National Allied Publications) is one of the largest and most popular American comic book and related media companies, along with Marvel Comics. Simultaneously with the solo series, an Aquaman backup feature was also published in World's Finest #125–139 (cover-dated May 1962 to February 1964). After the 1985 miniseries Crisis on Infinite Earths, several short miniseries were produced in the late 1980s and the early 1990s, beginning with 1986's four-issue miniseries Aquaman (Feb.–May 1986), written by Neal Pozner and featuring Aquaman in a new, largely deep-sea blue "camouflage" costume. These Atlanteans were trapped in the ancient past, sent there by Tempest (Aqualad) as a last measure when it appeared that the city would be destroyed by the probe. As a baby, Orin was abandoned to die on Mercy Reef (which is above sea level at low tide, causing fatal air exposure to Atlanteans) because of his blond hair, which was seen by the superstitious Atlanteans as a sign of a curse they called "the Mark of Kordax." Free shipping on orders of $35+ or same-day pick-up in store. [50], In Blackest Night #1 (July 2009), Garth returns to Atlantis and tells Orin's wife Mera that he is angry at the notion of Aquaman's body being buried on land. He once stated that this power more relied on encouraging and compelling the subject rather than full control, citing piranha as a species he has trouble commanding under any circumstances due to their ruthlessness and hunger. Per the 2011 DC continuity reboot, The New 52, Aquaman's telepathy has been greatly downplayed: acknowledging that most marine life does not possess enough intelligence to carry a meaningful telepathic communication, Aquaman is now stated to simply add compulsions and needs in the mindset of aquatic life, compelling them to do his bidding by a subtle altering of their cerebellum. Details. The only individual who spoke up on Orin's behalf was Vulko, a scientist who had no patience for myth or superstition. For the first time in ten years, there will be no Aquaman comic book as DC Comics has canceled the title indefinitely. These changes were explained later during the "missing year" between Infinite Crisis and One Year Later depicted in the weekly series 52, where Aquaman makes a brief appearance at the memorial for Superboy. In his early Golden Age appearances, Aquaman can breathe underwater and control fish and other underwater life for up to an hour. [36] This loss causes Aquaman to become somewhat unhinged and he begins having prophetic dreams, and then, feeling in need of a "symbol", attaches a harpoon spearhead to his left arm in place of his missing hand. [66], Unbeknownst to him, however, this habitation is a place set within the Sphere of the Gods where forgotten sea deities go—either when/after they perish, fade from their worshipers' memories or simply forget their role in servicing the ocean's majesty. "Forever Evil: Blight: The Haunted Sea". Aquaman (Volume 1) was an ongoing title that began publication in 1962. The first of these elements was the story "Aquaman's Undersea Partner" in Adventure Comics #229 (Oct. 1956), where his octopus sidekick Topo was first introduced. In his early teens, Orin ventures to the far North, where he meets and falls in love with an Inupiat girl named Kako. Welcome to the Official Site for DC. This mysterious figure is revealed to be Aquaman, who has allied himself with the Anti-Monitor against Lex Luthor and Perpetua. Created by Paul Norris and Mort Weisinger, the character debuted in More Fun Comics #73 (Nov. In the DC Extended Universe, actor Jason Momoa portrays the character in the films Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Justice League, Aquaman, and Aquaman 2.[8][9][10]. The series largely focuses on the main cast featured in the New 52 series, consisting of Aquaman, Mera, and Black Manta while also fleshing out forgotten side characters such as Lagoon Boy, Tula (Aquagirl), Black Jack, and others. Aquaman: Earth One Reportedly Cancelled at DC Comics as Francis Manapul Moves On PlayStation Plus Free Games for February 2021 Revealed The series also added mystical elements to Aquaman's mythology and reinvented the Ocean Master as a sorcerer. As a feral child who raised himself in the wilds of the ocean with only sea creatures to keep him company, Orin was found and taken in by a lighthouse keeper named Arthur Curry who named Orin "Arthur Curry" after himself. [46], In Sword of Atlantis #57, the series' final issue, Aquaman is visited by the Lady of the Lake, who explains his origins. A young man with aquatic powers by the name of Arthur Joseph Curry is summoned by the mysterious Dweller in the Depths to take up the mantle of Aquaman, but it gradually emerges that the Dweller himself is Aquaman, having lost much of his memory and been strangely mutated, while gaining magical powers (see the Arthur Joseph Curry section below). Aquaman #66: 15 Dec 2020 Future State: Aquaman #1: 25 Jan 2021 Future State: Aquaman #2: 23 Feb 2021 Monthly on-going. 8) focuses on Aquaman's role as king and diplomat with Arthur attempting to strengthen Atlantis-surface relationships by opening an Atlantean embassy in Amnesty Bay, with Mera appointed as ambassador. Momoa's Aquaman has long, dark hair, a full beard and extensive tattoos. Which one of these iconic superheroes would win in a fight? His aquatic nature means he requires water regularly at the risk of dehydration, although he is perfectly capable of staying on land for extended periods. Sometime later, a black power ring is seen entering Orin's grave, bidding him to rise from the dead. David, Peter (w), Egeland, Martin (p), Vancata, Brad. "Dreaded Deadline Doom". The solo series Aquaman would last 56 issues in its initial run until 1971. 4) #30 (July 2019), an unidentified man in a hooded cloak and mask is briefly shown lurking in the Hall of Justice, watching as the League brief an assemblage of superheroes of the current situation with the Legion of Doom. [71], Aquaman and the sea gods return to Amnesty Bay, the gods settle on Amnesty Island, in an abandoned lighthouse formerly occupied by Tristram Maurer, a 19th century horror writer. [42] Although the original League is killed by Gamemnae, their souls are contained by the magician Manitou Raven to use in a spell to contain Gamemnae in Atlantis until the present day, when he is able to resurrect them. Waking Up on the Wrong Side of the Universe,, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function. Aquaman's supporting cast and rogues gallery soon began to grow with the addition of Aqualad, an outcast, orphaned youth from an Atlantean colony whom Aquaman took in and began to mentor. This series was the longest-running for the character, lasting until its 75th issue. This series kept writer Dan Abnett, who had taken over the title for the last three issues of The New 52 and who had previously written the character for a short time a decade earlier. Since then he has appeared in various animated productions, including prominent roles in the 2000s series Justice League and Justice League Unlimited and Batman: The Brave and the Bold, as well as several DC Universe Animated Original Movies. [80] This is the final real reference to Arthur Joseph Curry, with the character never appearing again in any DC material from The New 52 onward. There was also an Aquaman pilot made by the creator of Smallville, featuring Justin Hartley, which never aired. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Greatly distressed by the harsh treatment given to the oceans during his time as ruler of Atlantis, Aquaman decides to abdicate the Atlantean throne and return to full-time heroics. However, as a side effect of this, Orin mutates into the "Dweller of the Depths" and loses his memories. The Justice League is called in to evaluate The Dweller's situation, but are unable to determine if he is truly dead, or if he can somehow resurrect himself due to his new magical nature. In late 1988, the character appeared in the Invasion! AQUAMAN DC COMICS KING OF ATLANTIS T SHIRT - This unisex adult t shirt looks stylish on both men and women so it's great for easy, everyday wear. Aquaman was created by Mort Weisinger and Paul Norris, first appearing in More Fun Comics #73. Aquaman #40 DC Comics 1968 3.0 GD/VG Good/Very Good Condition Modern Age Comic Book 1st Printing. This series is credited by Kevin Melrose of Comic Book Resources with helping the character reach the height of his modern-era popularity.[35]. Shortly after his arrival in the sea, Arthur is mentally contacted by the mysterious "Dweller of the Depths", a deformed humanoid with tentacles instead of hair and a left hand made of water who is later revealed to be the new form of the previous Aquaman (Arthur Curry). It was later revealed that after Atlanna's death, Tom Curry met and married an ordinary human woman and had a son named Orm Curry, Aquaman's half-brother. It is later revealed that Atlantis is really being run by the Siren, identical twin sister of Mera, whom Mera had taken prisoner. Arthur is forced to save the city, but is hampered by an escaped Mera, who personally blames Arthur for the death of their son. Tempest later finds Joseph's trident and costume draped over a throne, confirming that he had abandoned his duties as Atlantis' king. [21] They soon have a son, Arthur, Jr. (nicknamed "Aquababy"). [60] After the Dark Avatar is defeated, the Swamp Thing returns Aquaman to normal. Arthur Joseph Curry was his successor after the original died, and had his own adventures for several years, until Orin was resurrected during Blackest Night and reclaimed his title. Namma, whose real name is actually Mother Salt, has every intention of drowning the world in brine with the intended consequence of killing everything that lives and breathes on it in revenge and to start over—remaking the universe in her own image. The publication of writer Peter David's The Atlantis Chronicles #1–7 (March–Sept. Within the live-action DC Extended Universe films, American actor Jason Momoa plays Aquaman, and the character made his feature film debut in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016). DC Comics Cancels Aquaman, Suicide Squad, More Matt McGloin Posted: 08/14/2020 - 19:50 COMMENT DC Comics confirms cancellations of a number of titles including Suicide Squad , Teen Titans , and more, which follows the massive layoffs and Jim Lee confirming the reduction of the number of comic books published by the company. The two of them are met with hostility by Aquaman and King Shark. Johns, Geoff, Morrison, Grant, Rucka, Greg, Waid, Mark (w). The Dweller, confusing this new Arthur for Aquaman and calling him his "charge", tells Arthur and King Shark of a prophecy regarding Arthur's future, a prophecy which seems to be a distorted version of the original Aquaman's history. [47][48] The appearance of this Aquaman is later perceived by Hal Jordan and Barry Allen to be an unsubstantiated rumor, however, since this person was never seen nor heard from again. [18] Aquaman later discovered the submerged fictional city of New Venice,[19] which became Aquaman's base of operations for a time. [2] This weakness was later removed from continuity in 2011, establishing that he grew up on land before learning of his Atlantean heritage,[87] but he still runs the risk of dying by dehydration within incredibly hostile environments. Aquaman is thus forced to defend Earth with a League much depleted in power and capability, and he takes it upon himself to disband the Justice League altogether in Justice League of America Annual #2 (1984), thereafter reforming it with new bylaws requiring members to give full participation to the League's cases. The Earth One line, a reimagining of DC's iconic heroes that exist out of continuity, also experienced a shift, specifically the Aquaman: Earth One book by … There, however, they were enslaved by their own Atlantean ancestors, led by a powerful sorceress named Gamemnae, and Aquaman himself was transformed into living water and imprisoned in an ornamental pool. Browse issues from the comic book series, Aquaman, from DC Comics. As part of DC Comics's One Year Later event, Aquaman's series was renamed Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis with issue #40 (May 2006). He is also the father of Kaldur'ahm, better known as Aqualad. Short summary describing this character. The series initially ran for 56 issues and was discontinued in 1971. As a young man Arthur Curry was a very social person, having a collective group of friends in school. Monarch of the undersea realm of Atlantis and King of the Seven Seas, Aquaman is one of the most powerful DC Super Heroes—commanding a kingdom that covers three-quarters of the Earth’s surface, including all the creatures contained within. Aquaman's last appearance in More Fun Comics was in issue #106, before being moved along with Superboy and Green Arrow to Adventure Comics, starting with issue #103 in 1946. Following his discoveries reading the Atlantis Chronicles during Time and Tide, Aquaman withdraws from the world for a time. [49] Sometime between his death and the beginning of the 2008–09 Blackest Night storyline, Orin's body is moved and buried on land at Mercy Reef alongside Tom Curry in accordance with his final wishes. The Black Lantern Ring helps reconstruct Orin's body and when he is resurrected, his hand is restored as well. Created by Kurt Busiek and Jackson Guice, he first appeared in Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis #40 (May 2006). Hereditary king of Atlantis, was exiled by his people after sinking Atlantis in the distant past. Maligned for years as the man who talks to fish, Arthur Curry stakes his claim as one of the most powerful heroes in the DC Universe in Aquaman Vol. 4), began in 1991, but was cancelled after 13 issues. Aquaman's first Post-Crisis appearance was in the four-issue miniseries Aquaman (vol. In Silver Age continuity prior to the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Arthur had spent his teenage years under the name Aquaboy and teamed up with Superboy. Aquaman is called upon to bail Jackson Hyde out of jail, and Jackson appoints himself Aquaman's ”assistant”. DC Database is a FANDOM Movies Community. Shop Target for Aquaman DC Comics you will love at great low prices. [46], Orin seemingly reappears in Atlantis during the 2008 Final Crisis storyline to fend off the forces of Darkseid, but this Aquaman is revealed to be from another Earth in the multiverse. Aquaman starred in his own series again with the publication of Aquaman (vol. DC is home to the "World's Greatest Super Heroes,” including SUPERMAN, BATMAN, WONDER WOMAN, GREEN LANTERN, THE FLASH, AQUAMAN and more. 3). Aquaman once again returned to Adventure Comics as part of the Dollar Comics revamp of the series, appearing in issues #460–466 over 1978–1979. Aquaman (vol. [2], The character's original 1960s animated appearances left a lasting impression, making Aquaman widely recognized in popular culture and one of the world's most recognized superheroes. The character was featured in the animated series Super Friends, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, Young Justice, and Harley Quinn.[5]. Facing an unearthly invading species linked to the origin of the Atlanteans, Aquaman has to search out and unite the lost cities. During his wartime adventures, most of Aquaman's foes were Nazi U-boat commanders and various Axis villains from when he once worked with the All-Star Squadron. He grew to hate Aquaman not only for the powers that he could never possess, but also because he believed that their father would always favor Aquaman. Along the way, Arthur acquires some new powers and new equipment, giving him access to powerful mystical capabilities. Browse issues from the comic book series, Aquaman, from DC Comics. Another Aquaman ongoing series with creative team Shaun McLaughlin and Ken Hooper (#1–13) thereafter ran from December 1991 to December 1992, which portrayed Aquaman reluctantly deciding to remain in Poseidonis as its protector once again. This is an intense fast ride start to finish, and one that unlike many Future State books feels like has actual stakes. These included: the ability to instantly dehydrate to death anyone he touched, shoot jets of scalding or freezing water from it, healing abilities, the ability to create portals into mystical dimensions that could act as spontaneous transport, control and negate magic, manipulate almost any body of water he sets his focuses on[2] and the capability to communicate with the Lady of the Lake through his magic water hand. This Arthur Curry, much like the Golden Age Aquaman, is the son of oceanobiologist Dr. Phillip Curry. The series initially ran for 56 issues and was discontinued in 1971. Aquaman would continue to feature in Adventure Comics for the next 15 years, being one of the few DC superheroes to appear continuously throughout the 1950s. All of the Others have in their possession an enchanted relic from Atlantis. Atlanna was married to the Atlantean king, Trevis. [33] This series also expanded on several details of the Silver Age Aquaman's origin as well as Aquaman's relationship with his half-brother, the Ocean Master, whose origin was retold in more complete detail. After seeing him in action with Metamorpho, however, Batman decides against his induction. In 1985 the origin of Aquaman was reworked almost completely. [70] Yearning to remember who he was, Arthur/Andy undergoes a ritual where he communes with another primal ocean entity known as Mother Shark, who, when asked to, restores Arthur's memories wherein he realizes Mera killed him in a fit of rage because of his hesitation about hearing that he is going to become a father. Aquaman is published by DC Comics. [84] Aquaman frequently displays feats of super-Atlantean (the average Atlantean can lift/press approximately two tons) and superhuman strength. In the 1990s' Modern Age, writers interpreted Aquaman's character more seriously, with storylines depicting the weight of his role as king of Atlantis. The current price per issue is $3.99. Zombie,, DC Comics characters who can move at superhuman speeds, DC Comics characters with accelerated healing, DC Comics characters with superhuman strength, Fictional characters with water abilities, Fictional conservationists and environmentalists, Wikipedia pending changes protected pages, Short description is different from Wikidata, Wikipedia articles that are excessively detailed from November 2017, All articles that are excessively detailed, Wikipedia articles with style issues from November 2017, Wikipedia articles with WorldCat-LCCN identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, ← The characters Green Arrow and the first Speedy were debuted by Mort Weisinger and George Papp. See, Superhuman strength, durability, endurance, speed, agility, reflexes, and senses, In the 1960s, following the establishment of DC Comics's, Aquaman watches over the seas and his kingdom in the, Aquaman is the focus in a look into the future in, In the prequel comic to the online video game, This page was last edited on 1 February 2021, at 07:34. [58] The Entity subsequently reduces Aquaman to what appears to be white water. Becoming more and more of a workaholic and solitary figure, Aquaman eventually returned to the oceans and soon becomes tangled up in another attempt by Black Manta to destroy Atlantis by dragging it into a war with a surface nation. A new ongoing series, Aquaman (vol. It is also here that he first earned the hatred of Orm, the future Ocean Master, who was later revealed to be Arthur's half-brother by Atlan and an Inupiat woman.[34]. The series was well received and a follow-up limited series was in the works, but was eventually cancelled due to creative problems. Former Aquaman (Arthur Curry) is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. He has the ability to breathe underwater and possesses a superhuman physique strong enough to withstand attacks from superhuman opponents and resist machine gun fire. [45] Upon the receipt of Orin's body, members of the Justice League of America, including Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, and the Flash, examine the body in Atlantis and wish the best for Mera and the new Aquaman. While not on par with Superman and Wonder Woman, he has proven capable of leaps up to six miles. Garth is killed and joins the Black Lanterns himself. Aquaman's first origin story was presented in flashback from his debut in More Fun Comics #73 (Nov. 1941), narrated by the character himself: The story must start with my father, a famous undersea explorer—if I spoke his name, you would recognize it. After the loss of his left hand, Aquaman initially replaced it with a cybernetic retractable hook, then a liquid metal hand. "Elemental, My Dear Aquaman". [75] Aquaman and the other heroes transport the Totality back to Atlantis, only to find it under the control of Vandal Savage and the Legionnaires Club, and that Poseidon has been enslaved by the Legion of Doom. At various times in his life, Aquaman has been transformed into a purely oceanic entity with power over all the seas of the world;[100] this was usually temporary, as he would often revert to normal afterwards. From the books and records, he learned ways of teaching me to live under the ocean, drawing oxygen from the water and using all the power of the sea to make me wonderfully strong and swift. Following the "One Year Later" storyline (starting with Aquaman (vol. Created by Paul Norris and Mort Weisinger, the character debuted in More Fun Comics #73 (November 1941). [28] Other recurring members of the Aquaman cast introduced in this series include the well-meaning but annoying Qwsp (a water sprite);[29] Dr. Vulko, a trustworthy Atlantean scientist who became Aquaman's royal advisor and whom Aquaman eventually appoints to be king after leaving the throne himself;[30] and Tula (known as "Aquagirl"), an Atlantean princess who was Aqualad's primary love interest.[31].

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